A beautiful and truly unique documentation engine and static site generator.

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Orchid is a static site generator, written in Java and Kotlin, designed to make it easier to write and maintain documentation sites for large projects. It is an open-source project, and has a modular, plugin-driven architecture, so that it easily extended and can handle content in ways that are impossible for every other static site generator out there.

Orchid has a "batteries-included, but optional" approach to its architecture, and has plugins for blogging, wikis, additional languages, and integrates well with other tools like Netlify CMS and Javadoc. But all of these features are plugins that work independently of any other plugin, giving you the freedom to pick-and-choose only the ones that you need.

The possibilities of what can be done with Orchid are endless. In fact, this site is entirely created and maintained by Orchid, using one of its officially-supported themes, with content managed by Netlify CMS, whose configuration is generated by Orchid! Other uses for Orchid are:

  • Documenting your open-source projects
  • Writing a blog
  • Building an online resume or portfolio
  • Replacing outdated Javadocs

Orchid Homepage

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