You Might Not Finish This Chapter

You could die at any moment. So could I, so could your parents, your best friends. And while we all know this in our mind, what does it really mean to us? I'm sure you've heard of people talking of all the crazy things they would do today if they knew they were to die tomorrow. But the irony there is that they seriously COULD die tomorrow, and if that happened, where would that leave them? They had never gotten the chance to do all that they wanted because they had not believed that they could actually die tomorrow. They were arrogant, feeling immortal, feeling like they still have a whole life before them when that is never guaranteed.

So how are you preparing for eternity? You need to know that the rest of your life could be as short as the next few minutes, but it doesn't matter; in those last few minutes how are you preparing yourself for an eternity in Heaven? In Chapter 2 of "Crazy Love," there is the story of a man giving a eulogy at a funeral, and at the end shares the Gospel with the entire congregation. Immediately following this, while he is still at the podium, he dies. And this is exactly how we should live, giving glory to God in everything that we do. Don't waste even a second, because our lives here on earth are just a vapor, a small flash of life, completely unrecognizable in the wake of the vastness of time.

But do not think that your short life constrains you to a life without worth; rather you should be telling yourself "what can I do today to make an impact on the world today?" The bible says that all the angels in heaven rejoice when a single sinner repents and decided to follow Jesus. So go and make disciples, be the man that shares the Good news to everyone. Like the man above, never miss a chance to share what God has done for us, because if you can help even one person draw closer to God, you have already changed the world. Satan is the prince of this world, and by freeing another from the chains of sin, you are helping to destroy this world that Satan has perverted.

So do you want to prepare yourself for an eternity with God? Will it be a life wasted, one where you barely slip into heaven, afraid to talk to strangers about God? Are you ashamed of who God is, and of who you are in Christ Jesus, or are you willing to take up your cross daily and proclaim the Gospel to everyone you know?

Don't waste this life. Don't put off devoting yourself more fully to God. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to share the Gospel, because the Gospel is so much bigger than you. It is not about you, so stop trying to make it about you. It's all about God. God has called you to run from sin and towards Him, to follow his purposes. God has called us to make disciples. So what are you waiting for, you could die tomorrow.